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22 May

Information technology is the technology required for information processing. It not refers to computer and computer networks but also covers other information distribution technologies. Information technology consist of three categories that were established during its discovery. These phases are pre-mechanical, mechanical, electromechanical and electronic. While in the mechanical stage a mechanical calculator was created and was capable of performing four basic arithmetic operations.

While in the electronic phase an electronic digital stored program computer was created, also development of transistors was done. As for electronic phase there are several key traits that make up this technology as digital. Database management systems consist of a number of components that maintain integrity while at the same time allowing access of stored data by many users simultaneously. Read more...

Data is anything that is stored while information is when the data is organized and presented meaningfully. Data transmission has three aspects which are transmission, propagation and reception. For both broadcasting and telecommunication either uses upstream or downstream mode of transmission which could either be unidirectional downstream or bidirectional upstream or downstream. In this logs they allow a website owner to view their most popular pages as well as their traffic sources. In data manipulation through the identification of the exponential pace of technological change machines are increased the application specific capacity. But with large data storage the problem of data tombs arises.

Software, servers, printers, modems are some of the tools used in information technology. For businesses using information technology it aids in basic information process tasks. Online business and marketing is the way to and companies that uses their websites are at a guaranteed advantage of more client base. Also the business can use information technology to create company database applications which allows employees to readily access information at any given moment. A company is made up of different and sharing of information sometimes could be a hustle. Shared information is an environment in which an organization or company information is located centrally and granting permission to anyone to access and use it as they wish.

The tools of information technology not only assists in information processing tasks, decision making but also enable innovation to take place. The other use is that it supports decision making processes. Information technology is useful I social networks and mobile phones. This days when one needs to relay information be it urgent or not all they do is take out their phone and text or call them. From these social networks comes into play job creation. Farmers can now market and sell their produce through the internet. ACE ITS solutions is a company that delivers expertise in areas ranging from network consulting to support for all small to medium sized businesses.

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